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Universal Brotherhood University

Dedicated to Higher Learning
an advanced education division of
Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.



An Outstanding Institution Begins…

The Birth of

Universal Brotherhood University 

In the early 1990’s, Universal Brotherhood Movement co-founder Rick Prigmore began to wonder how the Universal Brotherhood Movement and its ministry could continue to expand spiritual consciousness and awareness.

How could Universal Brotherhood Movement better serve its 1500 plus ordained UB ministers and their individual ways of bringing light to the world? In the process of developing the basic formula and discussing the concepts with other ministers, Rick found Reverend Vern Morgan, one who was thinking along similar lines. During the summer of 1994 the Corporate Board of Universal Brotherhood Movement authorized the formation of Universal Brotherhood University. Rick and Vern then got together to form a Planning Committee. The team first met formally September 21st 1994.

 The first team members were Reverend's Rick and Jeni Prigmore, Vern Morgan, Connie Weber, and David Allen. That team soon expanded to include Reverend’s Reginald Worrell, Kathy Lumberg, Colin Tipping, and Lynette O’Neal. Their mission, as they saw it, was to formulate a university that could grant advanced spiritual growth documented by formal theses. Rick Prigmore was chosen to facilitate the group.

 The basic concept, which evolved from their intense discussions, was that UBU should be a division of higher learning of Universal Brotherhood Movement and that its guiding principle should be parallel to UBM’s principle of self-determination. The consensus was that each seeker should, with due consideration and contemplation, design his or her own program for spiritual growth, document it, and submit a vision statement and thesis for consideration by the UBU Board of Regents, the governing body of UBU. A faculty coach—one of the Regents—would offer support throughout this process. This core group of nine ministers formulated, in the fall of 1994, the Vision Statement we now use.


UBU Alumni Association

In the fall of 1997, discussions about a UBU Alumni Association were held and guidelines drafted. The alumni mission and vision statements were adopted on January 17th 1998. This association allows for the graduates of the university to serve as a spiritual foundation for UBU, thus anchoring the energy and commitment of the Institution. The following individuals have chaired the Alumni Association:

Rev. Dr. Steve Handwerker, was installed January of 2000.

Rev. Dr. Ray Long of Arizona was the next chairperson.

Rev. Dr. Barbara Roberts became the first Alumni Administrator in 2006 (retired in 2007).

Rev. Suzanne Peterman was installed in June of 2008 as Alumni Chair.